English Kiln-Dried Firewood from Exmoor    


Haddeo Firewood is the first choice for the highest quality English firewood, sourced from within the Exmoor National Park from a family-run estate around the Haddeo Valley.

Our wood is kiln-dried, as well as being traditionally seasoned, to give a drier log.

Kiln-drying takes the moisture to below 20%, which means that when you burn a fire you get less hiss and more heat.

Kiln dried firewood helps prevent tarring up of chimneys. This is particularly important for woodburners.

Our kiln-dried firewood is made up of English native hardwoods, mainly oak.

When you buy from Haddeo, you are helping with the sustainable management of these woodlands. Regular thinning is essential for the better trees to grow on and allows in light for biodiversity.






1 bag (approx. 1m3) £125 including VAT.

2 bags (approx. 2m3) £225 including VAT. Free local delivery.






We also supply;

English Oak Weathered Beams sourced from Exmoor National Park

English Oak Weathered Beams

c.10 ft (118”) x 6” x 6” (3m x 150mm x 150mm)

£75-£100 before VAT subject to grade

Grades:   Rustic £75   Haddeo £100

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English Oak Gateposts

c.8 ft  x 8” x 8” (2.4m x 200mm x 200mm)

£107-£142 before VAT subject to grade

Grades:   Rustic £107 net   Haddeo £142 net

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Please Note: All products are subject to availability. Logs are cut to a maximum of 250mm/10". Other lengths by arrangement.



About Diseases and Destructive Pests

Imported timber has brought in a number of diseases and pests which have affected the health of our native woodlands, sometimes drastically. One of the latest hardwoods to suffer is ash, from “ash dieback.” It is thought that this will kill 80% of ash trees across the UK. The Emerald Ash Borer beetle has killed billions of ash trees in the US. We must hope it doesn't reach us. The Oak Processionary Moth, from the Iberian Peninsula, was first seen in Richmond in 2006. It strips oak trees of leaves.

The list is long.

By buying logs and timber products grown and processed in the UK, you are helping to reduce the risk of imported diseases and destructive pests destroying our woodlands.

Home-Grown Firewood from the Haddeo Valley, Exmoor

Contact us on 07920 516 225 / 01643 841 312 or email firewood@haddeo.co.uk to place an order.

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