firewood supplier Exmoor Somerset
firewood supplier Exmoor Somerset
firewood supplier Exmoor Somerset

Homegrown from our Sustainably Managed Woods on Exmoor   


At Haddeo, our firewood is sourced from home-grown, local timber on Exmoor. Our wood is kiln-dried, as well as being traditionally seasoned, which means that it is dried more thoroughly – providing more heat and less hiss. The English timber that we use is from our own sustainably managed woodlands within the Exmoor National Park where we both carry out extensive replanting and encourage natural regeneration. When you buy locally, you are cutting down on your transport carbon footprint and supporting the growth of native hardwoods (such as oak, ash, beech and birth) as the ‘thinning' process which produces firewood, helps to bring on the healthier trees.  Buying English hardwood also helps to reduce the risk of imported disease and pests, which are a threat to our natural habitat.






Half trailer load  (larger dumpy bag)£125 including local delivery and VAT.

1 trailer load (2 larger dumpy bags) £225 including local delivery and VAT.

Delivery of our firewood, sourced from Exmoor National Park, can be arranged.

Please note that our delivery is kerbside only. We do not stack logs.


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Why Kiln-Dried?

Our seasoned and kiln-dried firewood, sourced from Exmoor, is drier than fresh cut logs or wood that has been seasoned only.  It therefore has higher calorific efficiency.  This means that the hissing and spitting of your fire is dramatically reduced.  More heat comes out of the fire to warm the room, rather than that energy being used to dry the wet logs as they burn.  We use our chip waste to heat the kiln so that the full production cycle is run on renewable energy.




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Renewable Wood, Responsibly Sourced

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